There comes a point in our life when we start to embrace change and pursue it.


Previous to that point we tended to resist change because we may have misinterpreted it as us “being wrong” and very few of us want to admit to being wrong.


We equate change with pain.


Our ego’s do not like change, that is why the mind will safeguard us from change with the fences of pain and discomfort, which we generally do not want to scale. When we allow our minds to overcome the gremlins that revel in delivering pain and discomfort and we work through them, we grow and reveal the more evolved version of ourselves.


Change is growth.


We unlearn the habit of looking for what does not agree with our point of view and the injustice that has been delivered to us. And then we judge. After all, we always find what we go looking for.


I do not know what the catalyst will be for you. Perhaps it will be raising your child, a health scare, a divorce or a loss of a loved one.


However it declares itself, I am wishing the moment reveals itself to you in your lifetime, so you can teach others. You deserve the peace.