Your career is a partnership. It is an agreement. You, the organizations who hire you, and the leadership you work with all have a responsibility to each other.

When you’re hired, it means that an organization has a problem that needs to be solved… and you have been selected because of your skills and experiences to help solve it.

Once such an opportunity arises, you should be asking questions like:

  • What will I learn? Your new job should enable your development and growth in personal and technical skills. Likewise, the job should increase your value in the current and emerging marketplace of employment.
  • What can I contribute? Most of us want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Make sure you have a clear view of the mission you are about to be a part of. Know what the short and long -term targets of your job and the organization are.
  • Who will I be working with? Who you associate in an organization with will help guide you on your career path.
  • Are you being personally challenged on a daily basis? Aim to be slightly intimidated and greatly motivated by your new position. A year into your new job, you want to be looking back as a better, stronger, deeper version of what you were on day one.

Final note to self about your new job: You are ultimately responsible for what happens with this opportunity. Just showing up means you’ll never reach your potential. And, btw, it’s OK to be excited by this next chapter in your career!

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Joe’s Quote of the Week:

The use of the word “equality” can get foggy.⁠
We are experiencing that in this moment in time.⁠ Equality means “An Equal Chance.” Do individuals have a reasonably equal chance to attain on equal footing the outcomes of others?⁠

If not, it is incumbent upon those of power and privilege to provide a reasonably equal chance for those that want to put in the work.

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