Whether you are a business owner or are considering a career change, now is the time to be looking for opportunities everywhere and finding any gaps that need to be filled.

Here are just a few examples of opportunities to pivot your business or expand skill set during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Portable UV light cleaners for the home: This is where you will put your car keys, cell phone, or anything else in your everyday use that comes into contact with the world.
  • Remote college education: Think of how the process of getting a degree when all classes are taught online will change, and the business opportunities that will emerge. Online tutors? An app for virtual study groups? This area will finally get a much-needed evaluation of how to provide real value.
  • Large event attendance: Waiting in lines, seating, and public food safety will all need to be executed differently.
  • Seasonal countermeasures: Will the world operate differently during “COVID-19 season?”
  • Barriers to a virus: Gloves and masks will become designer accessories. But also, what about branded plexiglass protective dividers for the office?  An app or a device that alerts users when someone has entered their 6-foot protective zone?

Stay engaged with your market and the individuals in it. Create additional services for your partners as they come back on line. Lead the way and create a brand new category of business.

Some people will find a million reasons why something will not work. Others will only need a single reason why something will. Good or bad, you will find what you look for.

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Joe’s Quote of the Week:

Your reputation is your brand. It represents nearly everything that you do. It is both what precedes you and what you leave behind. You are responsible for it. ⁠

What is the word, thought, feeling associated with you before you “arrive?” When you are “on,” do you confirm the reputation or change the audience’s perspective? ⁠

Whether you are interviewing for a new role, fundraising for your company or trying to attract talent for your firm – these are all tremendously influenced by your brand and reputation.

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Medtech Infinite Mindset is an op-ed on the future of medical technology and the implications of COVID-19 on the future of business.