Are you aware of what your personal brand and reputation are communicating? You should, because they manifest themselves every day. There is a pre-existing narrative we tell ourselves about what we need, how the need makes us feel and how the need represents itself to us. Pay attention to how you are representing yourself, or your business, to your colleagues and customers — and to yourself.

Your brand/reputation is on display before, during and after an interaction, and it is confirmed, negated and strengthened after you leave.

Take a job interview, for example. Your previous employer, skill set, life experiences, school attended etc., all represent themselves on your resume – they precede you. What happens during the interview itself is what confirms, negates or strengthens your reputation.

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Joe’s Quote of the Week:

When we see new concepts, we filter them through an already existing reality that is within us. We do not see things as they exist, we see them based on the limits we put upon ourselves.

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Fulfillment vs. Happiness. Whether it is careers, relationships or direction in life, these or states of mind are worth exploring. Tune in with Joe Mullings in Untitled & Unfiltered: The Happiness Vs. Fulfillment Conundrum.