Israel’s tech landscape is the focus of an eight-part television series that has been streaming online for free since last month.

TrueFuture TV, the online TV docuseries exploring people, places, and technology, has launched Season 4 with an eight-episode series focused on the Israeli tech sector, with special attention on the evolving digital health industry.

In the series, “TrueFuture: Israel” hosted by tech entrepreneur and The Mullings Group founder Joe Mullings, viewers go behind the scenes to meet Israeli innovators whose technology aims to change the world with their innovations in digital health, telehealth, and medtech.

“Most of us have lots of preconceived ideas of Israel, and so did I. What I found was a nation on the cutting edge of medtech, health tech, robotics, and artificial intelligence,” said Mullings. “At the same time, the timeless culture of Israel permeates every aspect of society there – including the technology industry. The country competes on the world stage of technological innovation but in a way distinctly its own.”