While Israel is widely known for its rich history and culture, it has also become a leading center of health and medical technology, developing cutting-edge breakthroughs in medical devices, robotics and artificial intelligence. In the eight-part online TV docuseries “TrueFuture: Israel,” tech entrepreneur Joe Mullings introduces viewers to the Israeli visionaries whose discoveries are changing the world, while soaking up the local culture in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere. New episodes will post every two weeks at TrueFuture.tv.

“What we tried to do in every episode was demonstrate the old, the new, the future, the prospective, and the humanity in the middle of it,” Mullings told the Journal. “There were so many things to shoot and capture. We had an unbelievable crew and the government was so welcoming to us. The challenge was we didn’t have enough time. I’m pretty sure we’ll go back for a part two of the series after the pandemic, whenever that is.”

While companies will need to figure out new ways to measure productivity and communicate with a far-flung workforce, individual workers also need to pivot if they want to succeed in an increasingly digital world. From buying new tools to learning how to better “manage up,” the remote worker needs to create a professional online presence to stay on a decent career track.

Here are 10 tips to get and keep remote work — and thrive while doing it.