The pandemic has ushered in an era of remote work that’s likely to prove beneficial and challenging. Though remote work is flexible, it also requires unfamiliar skills and the ability to balance complex work-life commitments. How can you get and keep remote work without sacrificing your career, family life or sanity?

“We expected that remote work was going to be normal in three to five years. But the pandemic made it the new normal now,” says Shahar Erez, chief executive of Stoke Talent, a workforce management platform. “Everyone has to adjust.”

While companies will need to figure out new ways to measure productivity and communicate with a far-flung workforce, individual workers also need to pivot if they want to succeed in an increasingly digital world. From buying new tools to learning how to better “manage up,” the remote worker needs to create a professional online presence to stay on a decent career track.

Here are 10 tips to get and keep remote work — and thrive while doing it.