You are a work in progress. You have made mistakes. Huge mistakes. They do not define you. What does define you is what you did from that point forward.


Work on the ability to not judge others. It will make you happier.


Work on you. The inside of you. You can lose or gain the weight, build the muscle, buy the clothes and hold the title, but if you are not doing the work on the “inside you” the rest is window dressing and the internal dissonance will wear you down.


Go easy on yourself but hold yourself 100% accountable for what you do and how you feel. You are breaking the generational dysfunctions that were awarded to you throughout your life. The day you identify that and own it, you can work on releasing them.


You only have one best day in your life and one worst day in your life. Everything else is in between the lines. Manage it appropriately.


Others will come at you with their issues. They will bring the gossip and hold you at fault for their shortcomings.


Finally, welcome the tragedy and losses in your life. They offer the greatest opportunities for learning and teaching. Most people run or try and numb themselves from them in a variety of ways. Take the hit, sit in the pain bucket, explore why you feel the way you do and understand that how we feel and interpret is often a learned habit that was programmed into us and can therefore be reprogrammed.