The job marketplace is about to transition to the Interim Economy. The arrival of the covid-19 virus has merely accelerated certain aspects about the way we work, which we were already moving in that direction before the pandemic.

Previously, the Gig Economy was driven by individual desires regarding types of work and lifestyle, and characterized by a wide availability for jobs in the marketplace. Now, an Interim Economy is emerging in which employers will use a talent-on-demand strategy for new hires across all of levels of employment — from support to management. Think full-time interim / contractor employees, who will offer a more flexible solution to an organization’s needs.

Unlike the Gig Economy that was concentrated in a few industries, notably leisure, lifestyle, marketing and entertainment, the new talent-on-demand strategy will work across the board from large multi-faceted corporations down through tech startups. It will become the preferred method of employment for employers needing high-powered leadership or a specialized skill set on an as-needed basis.

Those who adopt a more strategic mindset in the emerging Interim Economy will have an advantage over those who pine for the past. Without the risk of extinction, there is no opportunity for evolution.

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Joe’s Quote of the Week:

When this crisis ends, we will not be the same. We are not supposed to be the same. We will have evolved. That which did not serve us, will go away. Brilliance, grit and enterprise will reimagine how, moving forward, we will live.

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Coming Out of a Crisis

In this episode we look into the patterns of devastating events and compare them to the potential ramifications of covid-19 for business, including possible new opportunities.