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Weaponizing Media, Get On With It

Two steps to weaponizing media and getting a huge advantage in your market.

  • Admit you do not understand the new social marketing game
  • Have the courage to have a conversation with your leadership that together you will quickly learn it and deploy it.

Having the fear of being judged or outed is what drives behavior that does not serve you well, personally or professionally.

The tools that are available today to reach millions are available at an unprecedented access. In fact, they are so accessible that your 14-year-old niece was an early adopter and deploying “fish lips” selfies and your aunt was putting up cute kitty videos. Because of those two, somehow you have mistaken those platforms as ridiculous and not appropriate for your business.

The ability to weaponize media to your company, product and salesforce advantage has never been easier and had the ability to create dominate market share. A majority have judged the platforms before properly understanding and using them.

Most have remained in a legacy mindset of what “marketing” should be.

All humans, the surgeon, the clinician, the patient and their families are living their lives on the four social channels of society, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Yet, you have decided either because you do not understand the platform or have never experimented and deployed on the platforms that they are not appropriate for your business.

The person who is going to be outed is going to be the one that does not quickly adopt the use of these platforms. It is all a matter of time.

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