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Build An Inbound Business

Inbound business will always have a higher closing rate than outbound.

The reason is simple.

If you have done a good job of creating awareness and demonstrating your expertise, the market will come to you.

Your outbound business efficiencies will also increase because the market will be more aware of your expertise.

It is fascinating that organizations continue to struggle with creating marketing/sales social activities on the social platforms that your current and future customers live their business and personal lives.

Organizations are allowing outbound activities that use sheer manpower and the expenses that go with it in order to get in front of customers who have not been prepped to be their primary activity to drive sales. Old school sales activities are analog and less scalable. Stop reaching for a bigger hammer.

A well-developed social platform dramatically increases sales teams’ efficiencies because they are scalable and are able to get deployed in front of tens of thousands of customers.

Do not sell. Inform, educate and create awareness. Repeat. Do not sell.

You need two things to dominate. Communication and a great product/service.

If you get out-communicated over time you will lose, even with the best product.

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