When this crisis ends, we will not be the same. We are not supposed to be the same. We will have evolved. That which did not serve us, will go away. Brilliance, grit and enterprise will reimagine how, moving forward, we will live.

Here are 6 ways things will be different

  1. Home Buying— The real estate and home mortgage business will enter the 21st century with virtual tours replacing in-person open houses. Mortgage documents will all go electronic and encrypted.


  1. Doctor Visits — Telehealth via your laptop, tablet or smartphone will replace in-person visits to your local doctor’s office. No more losing two hours of your valuable time to receive terrible service. With telehealth you will no longer have to rely on a local pool of physicians as your only choice for healthcare. Your next virtual doctor’s visit could be with a specialist a thousand miles away.


  1. Jobs— We will enter a new era where the gig economy — freelance, hourly and contract work — becomes the new normal. And not just for workers in the service, blue-collar and creative industries. The flexibility and financial benefits of an “interim” category of employment will evolve to include managers, professionals and executives at the top of their career game. Talent on demand will be a growing category, extending across all industries. The high-end of business will see agents negotiating on the behalf of their star clients (just like you see now with sports and entertainment celebrities).


  1. Fitness — The fitness industry and our idea of how to stay fit will switch from gyms and fitness centers (petri dishes for the next virus) to new “at-home” offerings, including virtual and tele exercise. Think Peloton but beyond spinning classes.


  1. Business Travel — This entire category of the travel business will be re-evaluated. Guess what the pandemic showed us? We really don’t need to travel to in-person meetings to conduct business; we can conduct high-value business transactions by video. The cadence of virtual engagement with clients, customers and co-workers will increase, while actual face time will be reduced.


  1. Home Delivery —The delivery of goods and services of all types, from food to fashion, will become accelerated and professionalized. Home becomes a mini-metropolis where all aspects of our lives — business, family, exercise, entertainment — converge. Everything from car manufacturers to restaurants will embrace the new reality — or perish.